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Discount guide

[Shopping cart Discount For Any registered member ]

-Discount rate will be applied through your shopping cart in auto according to the total value.

-Max 25% Discount over the total value, USD 500
(5% discount as defualt +  5% discount for over USD70 + 5% discount for over USD200 +
5% discount for over USD400 + 5% discount for over USD500)

-Looking for more discount? Please be B2B member as we guide below.

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[B2B Discount For B2B member, Please request to upgrade your membership]

-30% discount without  MOQ(Minimum order quantity) or Value

A. Condition : The total of your first order should be more than USD 500

B. From the second order, you will have no MOQ requested for the discount rate.

C. Suggestion : Total amount per a month is likely to be above USD 2000

D. We will have been in the condition for 3 months to see how it work for both of business.

F. After 3 months we will adjust your discount rate. 

G.We are available to do Drop-shipping service as B2B member. Please contact us with your further information  (Site name + country + targeted customer etc)

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[Partner sale]

35~40% discount

A. Any one who has long terms of partnership as B2B member.

B. Any one who share good idea about fashion business. We can even concern exclusive license for your country.

C. Any order above usd 5000 at once.